I may have started taking photographs when I was a pre-teen, but it wasn't until I needed a photography class in 2001 for my degree from Texas Tech University, that I fell in love with being behind a lens.  I took the film black and white photography class at South Plains and from the moment my father-in-law allowed me to borrow his old, completely manual, Minolta, I was completely hooked.

In 2002, for about a year or so, I worked in a studio setting.  In my photography class, I learned the many "rules" and when to utilize them and when to break them.  However, in the studio, all of my studies were thrown out of the window.

I am currently working on a book of images that I took in the Tucson area, as well as continually working on my landscape photography, in specific storms and lightning.  I occasionally take on custom portrait work where my style is more photojournalism and less pose-for-me.  I love to show personalities and moments to cherish with my portraits.